Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Captcha Job

Captcha Job work is internet 1st online captcha job work. You can work from your mobile, you can download our Captcha App for Android Device.

The Job work is very simple, login with your customer id/ username and password. Click Start work, you will see captcha image loaded, just type the correct code and click submit. On correct entry you will see success message, on wrong entry you will see error message. You'll be paid only for correct entries. Length of captcha code will be around 4 to 6 consisting of Alpha-numeric-special characters.

There is no limit to the no. of captcha entry you do in a day, however by end of the month, you should have done atleast 1600 correct captcha entries. If less than 1600 captcha entries, earnings will be carry forwarded to next month for payment.

Per correct captcha entry you will be paid $0.05 USD.

Payments are released every month between 7th and 15th, for previous month work, only if you have done 1600 correct captcha entries. You can check your daily earning summary under Earnings Tab. For more details check out the demo video of captcha job work.

To get started, you need to pay a one time registration fees as per plan (click here). After paying the joining fees, use the INSTANT JOB ACTIVATION link above to forward your payment details to us. On confirmation of payment captcha work will be activated in 30mins. to 24 hrs. HURRY UP! LIMITED SEATS

Job Plans & Payouts-:
Job Plans & Payout Structure
Plan Structure            Captcha Job
Joining Fees            $ 84 USD or 5060 INR
Min. captcha entry per month    1600
Max. captcha entry per month    5000
Amoutn per captcha entry    $0.05 USD or 3.01 INR
Min. payout per month        $80 USD or 4820 INR
Max. payout per month        $250 USD or15060 INR
Contract Period            12 Months
Pay Now                Pay Now
Register Now-:
How to Register?
First register on website, get your Employee ID & Password.

After that pay joning fees as per the PLAN through fund transfer, Netbanking, 3rd party transfer or bank wire transfer if you are outside india. Once payment is made use above INSTANT JOB ACTIVATION form on our site and submit payment details. Job Work will be activated after confirmation of payment.

Pay Now

Bank details

Bank Name: AXIS Bank

Account No.: 911020051022601

Account Holder Name: Rackspace Outsourcing

Account Type: Current Account

Branch Name: Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA


SWIFT Code: AXISINBB072 (Required if you are doing bank wire transfer from outside india)

After making payment either send SMS on (+91-9220925433) or email us (virtualofficejob.team @ gmail.com) full payment details and make sure to mention, for Virtual Office Job.    If you didnt understood anything or need more info please feel free to call us anytime.

Visit www.virtualofficejob.com

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